Trusted Ratings was developed with one goal in mind: to help people find the authentic and unbiased reviews for lawyers, realtors and healthcare professionals. Use this site to read reviews and ratings for someone near you! This will help you make an informed decision.

How to submit a listing?
1. Simply click on the “Submit a Listing” link on the top menu

Submit Listing

Submit Listing

You must create an account on our site in order to submit a listing. Please note that there is a 1 time fee of USD$9.95 to submit a listing. Once you have submitted your listing and paid the 1 time fee, it takes about 2 days for the listing to be reviewed and approved. Once approved, people can start submitting review and ratings against your listing!

What are the associated costs for using this site?

The site is mostly free to use. However, there is a 1 time fee of $9.95 cost to submit a listing.

How to flag or remove reviews?

We understand that an inaccurate review may affect a professional’s reputation. However, we strive to provide users with authentic and unbiased reviews. Hence, we do not accommodate requests to remove reviews unless it violates our Review content policies.