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  • Amanda

    Dear ParaMed Home Health Care London, Ontario:

    What a joke. Helping people live better? The amount of stress you put on clients, family caregivers, and your employees is not helping anyone live better in the slightest. You support the students of your programs, but yet when they are your employees you mistreat them. You mistreat your hardworking PSWs and nurses, AND the human beings your employees are caring for. The lack of compassion for the clients and their families from the “bosses” is unacceptable. People have the right to stay in their own homes and receive the consistent support and care they deserve, also with a peace of mind. ParaMed in London, Ontario specifically should be ashamed of themselves. I know my family and I are not the only ones having a horrible experience with ParaMed. Home healthcare should not be run like a heartless business, where is the compassion?

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