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  • Diane Poyser

    Iam very Grateful for the help of Mr. Ganesan, he’s always making sure I understand everything he explains, he’s kind and so very helpful.

  • Brenda Peach

    Ganesan Kathiresan at Slave Lake Physio has been such a life saver, helping me to be able just to walk when I received a knee injury. He strengthened me before surgery. Now that I received surgery he is helping me recover so I can work and go back to normal activities. He takes the time to explain all exercises, very knowledgeable with all the treatments. Keeps my doctor informed so that I receive the best care from both. I highly recommend Ganesan.

  • Georgina Henderson

    Excellent treatment and results! The therapist was knowledgeable and helpful. He explained the injury, measured progress and demonstrated at home exercises. He was very professional. I highly recommend his services!

  • Melissa

    I went to see Ganesan after having terrible neck/back pain and no other treatments had helped so far. After only the 1st appointment I was already feeling much better than I had in years and 2 more appointments and I am 100% better. I am so thankful he was recomended to me!

  • Judy

    I appreciate my physio so much, for my shoulder, neck and knee pains from a re-injury. Ganesan is great at explaining everything of what has happened to me and he knows what kind of treatment I needed to help me drive again . The pains are less frequent on my neck. Ganesan is great at knowing what to do on my shoulders to comfort me from the pain even if just for a short time.

  • Patrick

    He is clearly very good at what he does and he takes good care of his clients.

  • Marciana Paguirigan

    I am really grateful to have Ganesan as my physiotherapist. He had done a superb job: starting from assessment, knowing what’s the problem, what’s the best diagnostics to get done and to the plan of care. He had explained fully the root of the problem and had presented on how I can get better. He showed me how to do such exercises and gave me print outs as well. Already, I am feeling improvements but he warned me not to over do it yet until I am fully ready so I don’t re injure myself.

  • Abigail Bansil

    I appreciate my physio so much. He explained everything of what is happening and what kind of treatment and how long. I was complaining of the numbness of my right arm and back pains. He started treating arm and after few sessions and exercises, the numbness is all gone. Now, he is focusing on my back pains and I must say, I’m getting better every visit.

  • Anita Cole

    I am very pleased with my physio treatments and the care that Ganesan have given me and continues to

  • Peggy Wheeler

    I was very pleased with my therapy visits, from the first time until I was released from Ganesan’s care yesterday, April 7th. The entire time, I was well-informed, I was given printouts and explanations of home exercises to help with my specific type of vertigo, and the therapist was very thorough in his treatments of my condition. He was well-informed, and very capable of attending to my specific therapy needs.

  • Garrett C

    I just wanted to let you know that my level of mobility has improved tremendously and the pains are all completely gone. I have joined my teammates at the training camp and fully ready for the next month marathon . Thanks for making my physical therapy easier and fun.”

  • Tatiana Niehaus

    I truly appreciate your patience and thanks for the diagnosis and treatment of mine neck…You’re ” Quick fix”.

  • Eileen fedorus


  • Eileen fedorus

    “I have just completed a course of treatment with ganesh and I write to thank G……and the practice for once again determined, confident and thinking therapy.

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