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  • Dana

    Bin is a great teacher in our class. He is extremely knowledgeable on the functions of human body. when you asked the question, he was alway kind and honest to answer. I am glad to be a student in his class.

  • Monica Garcia

    I had the pleasure of having Bin as an instructor. He made sure to explain and teach the content thoroughly and in a way that is best to understand. He is a great physiotherapist, always making sure to listen to concerns of a patient and answer all questions to the best of his ability. Very personable and caring as well. If you ever have him as a physiotherapist you are in good hands! Will always highly recommend.

  • Laura L.

    Bin is a great advisor in our class. He is extremely knowledgeable on the functions of human body. when you asked the question, he was alway kind and honest to answer. His engagement and passion on teaching inspire us. I have felt fortunate to be a student in his class to gain knowledge from him. His noble characters in teaching and learning indicate that he will become a trusted MD in future. Thanks for all your contribution.

  • Dustin Ellis

    Bin is an extremely knowledgeable individual who carries himself well, As my instructor he has always been kind, compassionate, and caring with all my comments and concerns as well as handled them with solid professionalism. Due to his expertise and patience I have thrived in my learning environment!

  • Manuel Badajos

    I was fortunate enough to have had Bin as an instructor for many of my classes. His extensive knowledge and passion in the study of the human body has been an inspiration to not only me but to also to many. I am glad to have been one of the students that have been fortunate enough to gain this knowledge through Bin. He presents so many creative ways in understanding all of the contents of our course and is very helpful in the event that you do not understand and are struggling. As he moves on to becoming a medical doctor, I am sure that he will also do a fantastic job being a medical practitioner as he already presents these great qualities as our instructor.

  • Gem Magnaye

    It was such a great pleasure to have Bin as an instructor. He taught us his knowledge about the human body and more. Bin is dedicated and shows compassion towards everything he does for himself and his students! Best of luck in everything you do!

  • Chadwick McMullan

    I had Bin as an instructor the class took a couple of days to warm up to him after having a different style instructor before him, but after a week the students were raving about him in our group class. I have to say with all honesty what a pleasure it was. Very knowledgeable and would easily say he didn’t know the answer to a question instead of making the answer up like some people do. That shows an honest character. Definitely cared about the students and there success. You can tell he was made to be a teacher in this field. Unfortunately we lost Bin when he decided to go back to school to become a Dr. Very disappointing because I loved him as a instructor but I am extremely happy for him. Talk about success first becomes a physiotherapist then is on the way to become a Dr. Impressive to say the least. He will be a great Dr and I look forward to hopefully working with him in the future if we cross professional paths. He also went to bat for me with a personal issue and helped more than most would. Thanks for being a great teacher.

  • Latifat Abubakar

    I don’t know what more to ask for in an instructor. Bin listens to your questions and answers with great details, ensuring you understand. He has an excellent knowledge on the workings of the human body and his clinical skills are outstanding. You can’t be disappointed in him.

  • Allison Grouette

    Bin is an excellent phsyiotherapist with extensive knowledge on how the body functions and the proper ways to keep it working. He taught in some classes i was in and really was able to demonstrate and explain different techniques and procedures as well as break alot of overwhelming info down into understandable terms. Highly reccommend!

  • J.F.

    Please avoid. No compassion, always ran late. Didn’t listen to my questions, just gave generic answers. Said my pain would go away after treating and didn’t, got worse. Went for 3 sessions to give chance and then never returned.

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