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  • Garrett

    Had a virtual with him and was not impressed, one can’t get accurate feedback from a person on range of motion, ongoing back pain, based on a video chat with a cell phone. My issues were dismissed as not serious, but to me they are as I am the one who has to live in pain that only gets worse as I age. I have a genetic condition called marfan’s syndrome and that was not taken seriously by him, basically said Its a unconfirmed diagnosis and is not of importance. I’m the one that has to go for tests every year regarding my heart since I was in variety heart clinic 28 years ago and onward as a result of this condition not him! I’m the one that suffers unrelenting joint pain not him.. I live in constant pain but hey because of this I’m not a candidate for any kind of surgery or help to treat the pain.

  • Cecile Fortier

    I had a virtual assessment with Graeme Woods and found him to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. He really took the time to explain the results of two MRI and to give me feed-back. He was to share my questions re: a possible surgery with a surgeon and get back to me. Am still waiting.

    1. Cecile Fortier

      I had a response from Dr. Woods this morning. There is hope as I am to meet with a surgeon in the future. Am very grateful towards Dr. Woods for his response.

  • Louise Stephanchew

    I saw Graeme for an assessment because I have severe spinal stenosis. I found him to be very knowledgeable in his specialty as a physiotherapist. He understood my condition thoroughly & was able to explain to me what the findings of all the medical specialists that I had seen in the past had found. He went over their findings & in a very articulate way explained these findings to me. I was very impressed with his understanding of my condition & the way he conveyed it to me.He was very compassionate & understood my concerns regarding future surgery,if required.I felt very comfortable with Graeme because of his knowledge and professionalism & his genuine concern for my health.HSC is very fortunate to have such a fine young man in their Physiotherapy Department.

  • Cornelia

    Had a visit with Graeme Woods October 4,2019. Told us he would for sure get back to us the following week. Now almost 2 months later still nothing. The assessment was thorough but lack of follow through.

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