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  • blankKathy E

    I have had great results from therapy with Mark. His professionalism, knowledge, care and concern for my specific issues are unprecedented. I have never visited a healthcare professional such as him…never rushed, never ignored, always attentive and offers treatment that actually works. His take home exercises have provided an away for me to wean my appointments with from weekly – to monthly – to every 3-6 months for maintenance and have catapulted me back to an active and fulfilling lifestyle.
    Thank you Mark.

  • blankKathy E

    I have had great results from therapy with Mark. His professionalism, knowledge, care and concern for my specific issues are unprecedented. I have never visited a healthcare professional such as him…never rushed, never ignored, always attentive and offers treatment that actually works. His take home exercises have provided an away for me to wean my appointments with from weekly – to monthly – to every 3-6 months for maintenance and have catapulted me back to an active and fulfilling lifestyle.
    Thank you Mark.

  • blankCEM

    I have been seeing Mark for a number of years and have always be amazed at how quickly I can heal from an injury after his treatments. He is very knowledgeable in his field and always answers my questions. He has given me a number of exercises that have helped me get stronger and recover quicker. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • blankAbc Cba

    I was having sessions with Mark DeBrincat’s wife for weight resistance training. Because Mark is a Physiotherapist, she suggested I see Mark for an assessment so she could better plan my program. Following the assessment, she suggested that I see Mark again. He never asked for consent to do manipulations, he never said what he was doing, or what the intended outcome was. He never gave me the opportunity to refuse anything.

    The second time I saw Mark, he injured me so severely that I went from having a normal, healthy body to being incapacitated. For the first time in my life, I began experiencing chronic pain. I went from a lifetime of not having pain to needing painkillers every day.

    I began living with nerve involvement which kept me up every night for 5 months and at times was almost unbearable.

    My husband took me to the Emergency Department three times for intense pain, loss of feeling in my arms and legs, and loss of stomach function. I lost 15 pounds rapidly and did not know how much longer to wait before seeking medical attention for a feeding tube. The medical profession did x-rays and MRI’s, but could do nothing else.

    I went from being able to walk 9 kilometers in a day without fatigue, to not being able to walk or stand for more than 10 minutes at a time. I could no longer drive, shop, cook, or do any of my activities of daily living. I went from being an independent person to becoming dependent on my husband for everything.

    My legal fees and the cost of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic care amounted to a total of $25,000. My spine, pelvis and hips needed to be realigned for many months with painful adjustments.

    It has been three years now, and I`m still living with hip misalignment and nerve involvement on the right side of my body. My ability to function in my daily life has been greatly reduced.

    When Mark was informed that he caused this harm to me, he began blaming it on me with statements like “I was imagining my pain, and I that had pre-existing conditions”. He consistently denied any responsibility. He has never been apologetic or accountable.

    Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Mark has threatened to sue me for defamation for posting the truth of the harm he has caused me.

    1. blankDiane

      From what I recall, Mark has always been the biggest overinflated narcissist who tries to pretend he’s real special. Of course he would blame you as he is an abuser. He can’t keep staff or partners or friends. His work outs sure include weights but also 30+years of steroids. All awhile speaking on being enlightened, farm to table organic and whatever other baloney statements he likes to make. Maybe the only thing that is organic is his black box hair dye. He loves to talk about women that they all want him, I wonder how well that works out for his marriage? He was an abusive pig then and now. Just someone learned to tolerate it. I guess most people have a price. But as long as he feels wildly successful to himself and whoever buys into his garbage. I’m sorry that he harmed you. Maybe one day he will learn from the error of his ways before it’s too late or not. Also want to add that he probably is one of the most unattractive men who tries to look attractive I have ever seen. That statement was for him since he can’t stand any criticism. One last note is that if his mouth is moving he is lying. Generally a good rule to know if you ever interact with him. I wonder does he still fraudulently double charge insurances, or maybe he found a better scam.

    2. blankRandy B.

      I’ve been very fortunate to meet Mark Debrincat at On the Mark Physiotherapy in Winnipeg. He’s got degrees in every facet of Physiotherapy and works with all the Royal Winnipeg Ballet dancers as well as the Jets and Blue Bomber players. I go to him and he makes me feel like a million bucks. When I’m coming into Winnipeg, I’ll call him in advance and he’ll set me up with an appointment to do me from head to toe, three or four hour sessions. None of this slam , bam, cram wrestling stuff, he moves you around and finesses you so that you feel just great when you walk out. I love going to Winnipeg to see him.

  • I began seeing Mark after I had surgery to repair a complete bicep tear. The surgeon had me very worried about a long recovery time and not being able to use my arm at all for the duration. He also warned I would likely lose some strength and range of motion in that arm. Mark had my arm stronger than it was before way sooner than I expected. I also have full range of motion in that arm. He did this while taking great care not to aggravate the surgery site. I know other people with similar injuries that have never recovered fully largely due to poor physiotherapy. Mark uses all hands on techniques with no machines like some of the other physiotherapists in the city. I went to Mark because he came highly recommended by a family member. I am very glad I took that advice and have since referred several other friends and family to Mark.

  • blankJennifer Arjoon

    I have been working with Mark for over 20 years! As a “basement athlete”, a mother of two and a lifetime severe anxiety warrior Mark has been beyond helpful and critical in my times of need. Best REAL physio ever!!!!! Hands on…he’s like super man with X-ray vision to see into your body’s inner workings (looks like superman too ).

  • blankOdette Labossiere

    Mark is an exceptional empathetic physiotherapist. He is hands on, intuitive, tailoring treatment to your specific needs-working on you the entire appointment. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and applies this in a constructive manner supporting you to regained health – or if that is not achievable given your injuries/ailments, improve quality of life. He is worth the time and expense. I see him weekly to stay comfortable.

  • blankJeannette Labossiere

    Spends the entire appointment with you. Teaches you how to improve your condition while providing relief to symptoms. I like that I can receive adjustments safely, trigger point release and acupuncture with one visit.

  • blankBob Donogh

    I first saw Mark about 15 years ago, after living with increasingly aggravating lower back pain for a couple of years following a cycling injury. The treatments which followed astonished me, Mark diagnosed and corrected my condition leaving me pain free. In my early ’50s I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back and hips, it became increasingly painful to walk, or stand for any length of time without pain. My wife noticed (my discomfort was rather obvious) and demanded I see someone. I was unable to get in with Mark right away, he was booked up solid for some time, so I got in to see a local chiropractor, who assured me he could cure me with an aggressive treatment schedule, but after a month and 12 appointments/treatments, there was no change whatsoever. I finally got in with Mark, and the improvements began immediately. I’ve been receiving regular treatments from him for going on a decade now, first every two weeks and at his recommendation, now once a month. I no longer live in Winnipeg, and drive 200km to monthly treatments. I’ve had multiple back issues from heavy lifting, torn rotator cuff in shoulder, fallen metatarsal in feet, and Mark has dignosed and treated them all. I would highly recomment anyone to see Mark. I trust him with my care, and he has never failed me, my pain is under control and allows me to live a normal life.

  • blankRoberta Pruden

    With no positive results after a year long series of appointments at a physiotherapy clinic, a colleague recommend Mark. Mark’s treatments have without a doubt improved my quality of life. Mark is very knowledgeable, hears when I speak, listens to what I have to share and answers all my questions respectfully. An honest and truthful professional I highly recommend.

  • blankLana Charban

    I started to see Mark following a car accident a few years ago — the treatment was quick, thorough and effective. I am currently being treated for lower back issues and I find after a short period of targeted pressure on specific spots (which are seemingly unrelated to the area of concern) I have instant relief. Mark discovered and aligned an injury from a skiing accident 20 years ago! The treatment plan has resulted in further alignment to my spine, improved posture and subsequently less to no pain. Mark is intuitive and has an innate way of reading the physical body and determining where the issue lies. I completely trust and highly recommend On The Mark Physiotherapy!!

  • blankMarie H.

    I have a rare metabolic disorder and my orthopaedic surgeon said if I wanted to walk again , I must get treatment from Mr. DeBrincat. . I started therapy with Mark over 20 years ago and his intuitive skill, dedicated study to my specific condition and his dedicated support to my healing was unprecedented. I have full mobility today and my continued therapy from him allows me to thrive in my athletic endeavours.

  • Mark’s knowledge and expertise along with his manual techniques differentiate him from other professionals in his field. His treatments have truly been life changing. Not only has he helped me address debilitating headaches and migraines, but as an athlete, his treatments ensure that I can continue to compete and perform at my best. The value and benefits of his treatments far exceed 5 stars.

  • blankAnna Rothney

    Mark has been a life saver for me. For many years I suffered from almost 24X7 intense chronic pain in my neck and shoulder. In addition to suffering from the pain, I had restricted mobility and was forced to stop may regular activities, including exercising. Mark’s treatments have dramatically reduced my pain – both frequency and severity. Pain is rare now, and I have regained mobility and started to exercise again (including even long-distancing running). I’m getting better and better all the time. Really appreciate everything Mark had done for me – he’s improved my quality of life more than I can express.

  • blankChantally

    I have had mobility issues for almost 15 years and have been to numerous chiropractors and physiotherapists all over the city with NO improvement, wasted time and money. I finally met Mark who has helped me tremendously the past few years now. I am AMAZED. After my treatment I almost RUN out the door. Wow!
    Mark is the jack of all trades when it comes to physio. He is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to health and fitness as well. Physio aside, I can honestly say I feel and look younger nearing 40 than I did in my early 20s because of his expertise in health and well being. If I could give him 10 stars I would!!! THE best.

  • blankRon Klippenstein

    I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2000 which left me requiring extensive treatment. I was treated by 5 different chiropractors and 4 different physiotherapists over the course of a couple of years without any significant improvement. Mark was recommended by a friend of mine. By the time I sought out Mark for treatment my injuries had set in and I had become the King of skeptics. Mark Debrincat professionally and comprehensively treated my injuries and I began to improve. Now, 20 years later, I look back at the many friends and family I have referred to him over the years and have nothing but thanks and praise for how he gave me my health back when so many others tried and failed. Without a doubt, he is the most gifted health care professional I have ever encountered and by far the best Physiotherapist who ever treated me.

  • blankRon Huber

    I had partial shoulder replacement June 2019.
    I saw a physiotherapist in Kenora Ontario for 8 months and basically saw no improvement. I decided to change things up and went to see Mark. Within one session I could see progress.
    Mark is very knowledgable in his craft and is a hands-on physiotherapist which is hard to come by nowadays. I truly believe without Marc’s help I would still be limited. I drive 2.5 hours to receive his treatment and it is well worth it. I would highly recommend Mark services.

  • blankMark Willhurtu

    My wife and I saw Mark for a few years. His prices are 3 times what anyone else charges and appointments are hard to get. But we stopped seeing him because he hurt us – often. He was manipulating my body without asking me and every time I hurt for weeks after. We both stopped seeing him because it was not worth the pain. He is dangerous!! Avoid him!!

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