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  • Phil Pettitt

    Colleen and I were 1st introduced to each other in the fall of 2008. I was permitted to leave RVH after having spent August and September of that year recovering from a massive stroke, that left me Paralyzed on my right side. It was the RVH Stroke Physio Team, that agreed to allow me to continue recovering at home, as long as I worked with Colleen on an ongoing basis, which lasted a little over a year!!

    My recovery I’ve been told was nothing short of a miracle!! However had it not been been for Colleen and the many caregivers during that period I definitely would not be where I am today!

    Colleen’s Passionate, Caring and Incredible Knowledge made working with her a wonderful experience. I’m so pleased to see that she’s continuing to help others reach Full Mobility as she did with me.

    Forever Grateful!
    Phil Pettitt.

  • Dan Coombs

    Colleen is a Master !!! The best of care , treatment and understanding . Fixes things I had no idea were wrong with me. Consider myself very lucky to have her as my therapist !

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