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  • Liudmila

    For 2 months I had very severe back pain, I could not sleep from the pain, I could not get out of bed on my own. It was very painful, I screamed in pain. My family doctor sent me to physical therapy.
    My physical therapist was Alanna Laura Smith. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to her. A wonderful, very attentive person and, most importantly, a competent specialist!
    She checked and understood my concerns. After that, she offered a set of exercises, showed how to do them, checked, I understood everything correctly and scheduled the next visit in a week. It’s fantastic! After a few days, the pain practically disappeared, after 2 months of torment, I came to life!
    A week later I came to Alanna, she was happy for me and showed me another exercise, after which she made another appointment in 2 weeks to make sure that everything was in order with me.
    Without any hesitation and with great pleasure I recommend Alanna to anyone who needs help and attention.

  • Rose

    Alanna was professional and helpful in treating my hip pain. Recommend her to anyone looking for treatment of arthritic pain.

  • Glenn

    I saw Alanna for my chronic back pain and she was able to instruct me on a series of exercises I could do at home to manage my pain. I have improved over the months and am thankful for her approach of giving me the tools to manage my own pain.

  • Kevin

    I saw on her Advantage Physiotherapy website this statement:

    When asked why she chose her current profession, Alanna replied, “I enjoy helping people of all ages suffering from injury, illness or disability, through exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. If I can have an impact on a person’s overall health, happiness and ability to live their life to the fullest then I am truly satisfied.”

    I did not gather this when I saw her at all.
    Find another Physiotherapist…

  • Denise

    Would not recommend.

  • Brad

    Alanna was extremely knowledgeable and gave me the necessary skills to rehab my shoulder after a sporting injury. With a mixture of exercises, hot and cold therapy, and electrical stimulation she was able to restore my throwing arm to its pre-injury state. I highly recommend her

  • Amy

    Alanna was a very knowledgeable and friendly individual. She was helpful by patiently answering all my questions and showing my a slew of exercises and tools so that I could treat my back pain confidently. I still use what she has shown me for maintenance and to prevent future back pain flare ups. I highly recommend her.

  • Russ

    Horrible, will never go back to this physiotherapist. Don’t bother, very rude.

  • Gordon

    Extremely unprofessional, clearly should not be in this field to care for people. Does not make you feel comfortable at all.

  • Cynthia

    I would recommend a different Physiotherapist

    1. Martha

      Alanna was professional, polite and very helpful in her advice. I would recommend her to anyone

  • Jeffrey

    Very unpleasant experience with Alanna Smith
    She never even introduced herself to me. I had to find her name from their website.
    I began to ask questions myself about my condition based on what she was asking me throughout the assessment.
    It was obvious she was becoming irritated. When I asked her about my discs she became quite exasperated, sighed heavily as she left the room to get a model of a spine to show me. After this she sat down let out another sigh, wanting to move on with the assessment. At this point I said “You clearly don’t want to help me. We’re done here.”
    She was very unprofessional in her behavior towards me. An unwelcome experience from someone in a caregiving profession.

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