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  • Allison

    Hamid Modjtahed and his work is superb. The treatment I received over has been awesome. .I am so happy for my doctor referral to hamid modjtahed because hamid modjtahed is at the top:

    I owe endless appreciation to hamid modjtahed for his successful treatment of my problem that seemed never ending for years. I have also been most impressed with the efficiency and courtesy hamid modjtahed staff.
    I truly wish you a the best hamid modjtahedi.

  • Suzana

    I am really extremely glad that I was referred to Hamid Modjtahed, and I regret it why I was not referred sooner. Hamid Modjtahed is very scientific and has a comprehensive professional approach to helping patients unlike what I experienced in the previous physio places (I visited different places in united states and canada such as in San Jose, San Francisco, Washington state, and elsewhere). I could not get the same result earlier with at least 20 sessions, But hamid Modjtahed not only alleviated but actually eliminated my pain in only 4 sessions….Please keep up this good work and MILLIONS of Thanks to Hamid Modjtahed i.

    1. Jacob

      That is great. It seems Hamid Modjtahed is truly at the top and his work is just awesome. God bless hamid Modjtahed . Regards from Fresno .

  • Madison

    I have first to to say “thank you Hamid Modjtahed” and God Bless You!” I was suffering from debilitating sciatic lower back pain. I had been to many different osteopaths, physiotherapists and even a chiropractor. I want under several procedures by an interventional radiologist who gave me several sets of local epidural injections under guide of x-ray . I also visited a neurologist with Si specialty in myalgia. It cost me thousands of dollars out of my pocket. All were well-meaning people but none managed to diagnose nor cure my pain. But when I came to Hamid Modjtahed i , he examined me very carefully and took time to explain the cause of my problem in every details. Then he gave me different options and we chose the best plan for me together. The plan worked effectively in a course of several month and o finally could get back to normal life. Hamid Modjtahed i is the best.

    1. Sam

      I totally agree with this comment. Hamid Modjtahed is truly an awesome therapist. You cannot get disappointed.. hamid Modjtahed is the best.

  • Pitchal

    Hamid Modjtahedi is an awesome therapist. I have worked with a few different therapists and all of them are extremely helpful and friendly. But Hamid Modjtahed has been the best. Modjtahed I know exactly what he is talking about and how to appropriately treat it. I highly recommend Hamid to anyone looking for a successful therapy.

  • Jonathan

    I am also very happy with Hamid. Modjtahed is a wonderful physiotherapist. For sure one of the best. I recommend hamid Modjtahedi to everyone.

  • Jacob

    I had one treatment with Hamid for a really bad twisted knee, one treatment by Hamid. Modjtahed is a wonderful physiotherapist! I cannot recommend Hamid Modjtahed I enough. I am pain-free and definitely feeling stronger! Thanks Hamid Modjtahed i.

    1. Jon

      I am also very happy with Hamid. Modjtahed is a wonderful physiotherapist. For sure one of the best. I recommend hamid Modjtahedi to everyone.

    2. Tatjana

      Modjtahwdi is incredible. I was really very impressed with the way Hamid Modjtahed analyzed my problem and how personalized the exercise plan was. Hamid Modjtahed put time explaining to me the underlying cause of the problem so I could fully understand what needed to be corrected and could better manage similar problems in the future. I am empowered because of Modjtahed.

  • Jeremy Rosenthal

    I came to hamid Modjtahed with lots of pain.
    He asked the necessary questions and provided the plan. The plan worked miraculously. Couldn’t be happier.
    Hamid Modjtahed is a great therapist.
    I recommend him/

  • Penney Rowland

    Dr Hamid Modjtahed is a wonderful physical therapist. He helped me and my family to get back to our life after an accident.
    Dr hamid Modjtahed is very knowledgeable and patient. He explains everything in details and is wonderful.
    Thank you Dr Modjtahed for being such a great doctor.

    1. Jennifer

      I had a wonderful experience with Hamid too.
      He is a wonderful man and an expert in his field. I recommend Hamid Modjtahed I to all friends and family.

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