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8 Reviews on “Altaf Khimji (Physiotherapist)”

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  • Anonymous

    Great service

  • shanter

    Amazing physiotherapist. Amazing procedures to keep everyone safe during this Covid Pandemic. Showed great exercises.

  • Ben

    Great physiotherapist. Helped to rehabilitate me fully.

  • Mike

    Great physio. Very polite and knowledgeable.

  • Prefere to stay anonymous

    Created a great exercise routine for me. One of the best physics I’ve been to.

  • Patient

    Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Helped me with my plantar fasciitis. Highly recommend.

  • Johnson Stewart

    The WORST service ever. He was extremely rude and ruined my leg forever.

    1. Altaf Khimji

      Never treated a Johnson Stewart in 25 year physio

      You may have the wrong therapist

      Please remove this immediately as this is slander and defamation

      Remove this post immediately or I will report this to the police fraud department who will get your email and ip address and find out who you are. Rest assured I will not take this matter lightly

      1. Johnson Stewart

        Hi Mr. Khimji. This review that i put is completely false and i would like to sincerely apologize for commiting defamation. I have learned the seriousness of this crime and I will never falsely accuse you of anything again as it can harm your reputation. However, i left this review on an anonymous account so it cannot be removed. If you have any way of letting me know how to take it down please let me know and i will remove it right away. I have also contacted the company to take it down. (To any viewers of this comment, please know that this is a lie. I shouldnt have left this review and once again i apologize).

  • Patient

    Dr. Khimji was the best physiotherapist I have ever been to. He designed a treatment plan for me which allowed me to get back to my feet in less than a few weeks. I can not thank him enough!!!!!

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