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4 Reviews on “Sheila Elizabeth McSheffrey Physiotherapist”

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  • Grayson Stevens

    Sheila was pleasant, patient and knowledgeable. She explained my issue thoroughly and presented me with a clear and coherent care plan. Very highly rated.

  • Christine Wright

    Such a sweet lady…made me feel so comfortable. After my treatments I my shoulder felt amazing !!! Thank you Miss Sheila.

  • Joseph Clark

    Spend knowledge of my diagnosis and treatment. I have never felt better after my treatments with her. Highly recommend her expertise.

    Five stars

  • Elsie Maynard

    This woman was verbally abusive and very judgemental. She “helped” my husband (or rather lectured him), basically tell him he was the one to blame for his physical condition. I would never trust this person as a physio. Awful service, I cannot believe she works with people.

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