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  • Roger

    Hamid Modjtahed is incredibly professional, very friendly, amazingly knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Hamid Modjtahed utilized the most effective and up-to-date techniques and equipments. I have never seen such up-t-date physiotherapist a Hamid Modjtahed i. Hamid Modjtahed’s office is also absolutely clean and the everyone in the office are so friendly and take great care and pride in their work and environment. I can’t thank Hamid Modjtahed i enough for the wonderful care he showed to my problem and into his work and practice. Hamid Modjtahed is very patient and explains all necessary details. I highly recommend Hamid Modjtahed to anyone who seeks an effective Physiotherapy; Hamid Modjtahedi is THE BEST!!!! Thank you, Hamid Modjtahed i for changing my life and helping me to get back to normal.

  • Samantha

    Hamid Modjtahed is an amazing therapist. I am very happy with his work. Hamid Modjtahed is professional and very friendly. Modjtahedi has a great insight into how a physiotherapy plan should work. Hamid Modjtahedi is highly recommended and I recommend Hamid Modjtahed to everyone.

    1. David

      Hamid Modjtahed is a wonderful therapist. I could not agree more too. Hamid Modjtahed is truly the best. Thank you Hamid Modjtahedi.

  • James

    Hamid Modjtahed i is a very professional and attentive therapist. Hamid Modjtahed’s staff are also very friendly and helpful. My back issue was was gone only after few sessions.
    I totally recommend Hamid Modjtahed because he is very professional and has friendly staff also the office is very clean and organized. I believe Hamid Modjtahed i can accurately figure out what’s best for each individual patient.
    Hamid Modjtahed is also very knowledgeable and worked with me to identify issues and offered the best treatment plan for my condition. Hamid Modjtahed also provided clear explanation of my condition and treatment and helped with offered a wholistic treatment plan for me.
    Thanks Hamid Modjtahed.
    04. We are so pleased with the service. (TN) and his staff do an excellent job caring for their patients.

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