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  • Debbi Hogan

    Nigel Gardiner a physiotherapist wrote a report on behalf of ACC giving his medical opinions on my gastrointestinal damage from having severe a cute pancreatitis and a rip in my duodenum and large bowel via a ACC Accepted treatment injury that went undetected for months until I developed sepsis. I ended up in ICU fighting for my life, I had respiratory arrest, numerous complications and in and out of hospital for a year with permanent internal damage to my abdominal cavity and organs. I had several operations and drains in my chest and abdomen. I was lucky to survive it all according to my General SURGEON. Nigel the ACC physio described this as a minor one day procedure to ACC and that I was fit and well, fully recovered afterwards. He also gave an opinion to ACC on my complex PTSD effects as a result of sustained brutal sadistic childhood rapes. Oh and he stated my L Spine injury my spinal surgeon confirmed and has been baked up by repeat MRI imaging that is an accepted ACC injury. Oh no.. ACCs mate Nigel says he knows better and its degeneration and not an injury I sustsined. This dude is clearly not medically qualified to assess my MH impacts nor Gastrointestinal issues and thinks he knows more than a spinal or general surgeon or psych Dr. I intend to make a complaint to the Health & Disability Service as he’s making unqualified medical opinions on matters he is not even trained in. Basically a fraudster on the ACC money train. A physiotherapist should not be giving any medical opinions or advice outside of their training. He is not a General Surgeon, Gasteoenteroligist or a qualified MH professional. Yet he seems to think.. He is.. Let’s see how he fears when a formal complaint is made over his inappropiate opinions. Stick to your knitting Nigel or face consequences. You should be struck off.

  • Ivan

    Total ACC Fraudulent Physio Avoid at ALL cost!

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